How can i keep from singing?

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How can I keep

from singing a song

that pours from my inside

and drenches the floor,

that climbs up the walls

and covers the shelves

bursts out the windows

in light of itself?

Whose joy knows no bounds

whose smile knows no sleep

a secret from noone;

impossible keep.

An answer, so changing

a vision so real

a key to the hearts

of the ones you can’t heal

a code in the wall

that opens the eyes

and connects all the sinners

still warm in their lies

A beaming white ray

that try as i might

cannot be looked over

when seen in my eyes

a sweet disposition

that equals us all

a note in the journal

from which no man can fall

How can i keep

from sending a dove

whose olive branch bearing

saves ones that i love?


Red dress.

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In a world of choices, a lifetime of decisions, and day after day of changing emotions, you must find your firm and unchanging. Your steady and true. Like an ant in the sink, drowning down the pipe, you must find a stronghold to keep yourself from being washed away. stick with your truth. A feeling that overcomes all other feelings; a love that in unshakable. Hold fast to that feeling of freedom and being, because choices can make it leave, and you’ll never find it again. Not the same kind, at least. Not the same restful freedom. Find your steady, and don’t let it go. Because thought the promise you may be looking for is a white dress, the promise you need to remember forever, the truth that will never go away, is, instead, the red one.




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You are the same, yesterday and today. 

I’ll never grow weary of feeling you near, i’ll never get tired of hearing your voice.

You are a consistant love, a constant romancer, and a forever friend. Your presence is ever standing, and the notice of your hand is awe-some. Your love is more than i will ever understand, and your patient grace is more bountiful that i can ever accept. 

Minute after minute i yearn for your closeness, to talk with you, and rest in you. Try as I might to show you my intensely growing passion for you, I am every time outdone by your overwhelming, perfect love. No one could ever out love you, not even myself. Never myself.

written watching dolphins.

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To think that children can walk the same trails we did, bringing a new life and scent of innocence along with them to a place which we were once corrupted. 

Their joy and curiosity can still live there, with bright eyes and sun stricken threads running through their heads.

They can still not know. They can still keep themselves restful in naivety, not feeling the presence that was once birthed there; not knowing the secrets that were told there; being entirely unaware of the sounds that had once been given, but whose waves are so stretched out now between the walls, that they will forever live in silence. 




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A dirty mouth hides itself well behind 

beautiful lips and an endearing smile. 

And suddenly I notice how difficult it is, 

not to give all of my trust to such clear 

and honest eyes as his.

Cracking smirks along side his fingers, I take notice 

to his hands, exquisitely crafted and well trained.

As they glide along top of the strings, I hear them

speak words they never said; whispers that

I can’t believe so soon as this.

Such gentle things, as covered in honey,

could never hurt. never grip too hard. never

direct one wrongly, or 


And I have to remind myself,

maybe they would.

Maybe they do.

twenty first.

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A slight chill on sun kissed shoulders

creeps up into your spine and grabs

hold, leaving you tingling; you look beautiful, though,

so you don’t mind it.

The salt keeps inching it’s way closer and

closer to your scalp with the help of the

wind; it’s friend. And suddenly,

you wish you could be friends like that with the wind

as the water is. 

Your tongue is sweet with strawberries

and vodka, and your lips are pink with laughter. 

Tight skin makes it hard to smile, and the salt from your

tears burn the corners of your eyes, but it’s a 

wonderful pain.

This is your happiness.

This tight, burning, sticky, tingling color is your favorite. 

This is the first time you’ve been out without your hair falling

down your back, and you miss it; but you’re

older now, and this is an aged you. Surrounded by people

you didn’t know three years ago, except the one.

and you hope he never leaves.

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I’m me when I’m with you,

And i miss me.

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It was always a game that I loved playing,

to see if i could keep your hands from shaking.




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The softest words i’ve ever been told.

The softest lips mine have ever touched.

The softest skin i’ve ever felt.

The softest heart i’ve ever held.

The softest eyes i’ve ever searched.

The softest soul, the only soul, i’ve 

ever blended into.


his kisses are warmer than the 


his person, more comfortable than 




Pieced together.

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I’m never more myself in truth and fullness

than when i’m with you.

God has created for me a piece to complete me.

a person that, until I am unified with,

I am not yet the whole ministry He

created me to be.

You can tell when you see your other

piece. When you know, you know.


And you knew.

And I knew.


and we still know.